Friday, June 24, 2011


Yes , I'm still here, my dreams of a low key summer are slowly materializing

Today got to do a little junking with one of my favorite junking partners

We targeted the Sellwood area in one of the antique stores we got an offer to see the upstairs living quarters @ Justin and Burkes... OMG, we stepped off the streets and into the pages of DECOR photos don't do it justice.... I learned a lot however,

1) Spotlights on either side of the bed are a must.

2) Silhouettes in glass domes are quite striking.

3) One cannot never have to many mounted heads on a wall

4) Dripped wax down mirrors, drop cloths and yummy chandeliers, and big shells, make the end of any hallway the place to be.

5) Over sized fresh flowers and moose antlers make for a dramatic dining table center piece

Here she is, a moving target. Do you see the fresh flower petals on the floor! Get to Dayna's blog and see some better old camera is having issues & still haven't figured out the new one, soon though

Finally this little display at....(where else) Anthropology, sigh, distressed walls, large paper flowers and vintage bike....Yes it is summer. Tomorrow I'll get my motorcycle ride photos up...


  1. I'm still smiling at such a fun day. Loved seeing your photos. My blog post will be up within the the half hour!

  2. I love watching the two of you on your trips with Dayna..see th e two of you often on Dayna's blog. lynda