Friday, June 24, 2011


Yes , I'm still here, my dreams of a low key summer are slowly materializing

Today got to do a little junking with one of my favorite junking partners

We targeted the Sellwood area in one of the antique stores we got an offer to see the upstairs living quarters @ Justin and Burkes... OMG, we stepped off the streets and into the pages of DECOR photos don't do it justice.... I learned a lot however,

1) Spotlights on either side of the bed are a must.

2) Silhouettes in glass domes are quite striking.

3) One cannot never have to many mounted heads on a wall

4) Dripped wax down mirrors, drop cloths and yummy chandeliers, and big shells, make the end of any hallway the place to be.

5) Over sized fresh flowers and moose antlers make for a dramatic dining table center piece

Here she is, a moving target. Do you see the fresh flower petals on the floor! Get to Dayna's blog and see some better old camera is having issues & still haven't figured out the new one, soon though

Finally this little display at....(where else) Anthropology, sigh, distressed walls, large paper flowers and vintage bike....Yes it is summer. Tomorrow I'll get my motorcycle ride photos up...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

a CARGO full of Decorating Fun

Whenever I have a few extra minutes downtown, I like to pop into Cargo. A mix of imports antiques and art, I always come away visually stimulated and full of new ideas.

There were neat, old grocery stamps....

A very large flaming heart hanging high overhead caught my eye

Love the color of these chests, all in a row, I think I may need one in every color. I'm really starting to have an affair with the color orange, after many years of being indifferent .

These glass ornament's hung from a branch and had a various feather inside.

A bowl of faux mossy rocks, where could I put these?

I tried in a necklace, then decided I would need a new outfit as well!

Then it was on to.........

Crate and Barrel, not usually a big fan, of big box stores. But their displays of late are really captivating me.

This piece just screams read a book on me, and yes it is comfortable, the white pieces against the dark wood, well.... big sigh

Love the modern table , the blue wall with pops of orange just really work. Think those mossy rocks might work here, either in a bowl or square glass vase !

So bright and fun.

Those round mirrors really accentuate well

Never get tired of pretty things in neat little row.

Well didn't get he shot of "My" Dylan chair, a high back grey leather beauty, another customer had the nerve to sit in it and linger,lol, so onto the next display it was....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Finish Line: Class Concludes

Well this is about art, but the food was pretty fine. Today the Hands On cafe featured brunch, this was the risotto cakes with poached eggs, a salmon fillet w/ shallots, arugula, pine nuts and dried cherries, covered in a white wine tarragon sauce, I suffered with a brie, pear, arugula omelet w/leek sauce, alas it wasn't as pretty as my table mates choice. On to class!

I was greeted to A LOT of pieces that needed finishing, I let my energy go into two panels out of our 6 panels.

Here I am applying the cold wax, the final process, allegedly. After I hung it, saw a section that need a little tweak. Affirming to myself that a piece never really has to be done, does it?

As we wrapped up around 2pm, we started the critique process. Two people took turns, telling the artist and group what was working and give feedback and/ or suggestions, it can be a valuable tool to hear how other artists are perceiving your work.

Here is Lisa in action, getting a closer look at Courtney's work.

Meet the class. So here in no particular order :

Ann: she was quite prolific and had a very subdued palette that was both calming and exciting. She did many pieces but chose these two for the final show, the balance of white was refreshing.

Georgia: who made good use of her time, she was right next to me and stayed busy. Her choices, bright and lively great use of color, like her. Thanks for sharing!

Tangie: her pieces combined an amazing sculptural aspect, restrained in color, very earthy. The niche in her canvas ( which I wish I got a close up of) had a old wood box , a piece of weathered drift wood that came out of the top , inside are small perfectly round stones she had collected (and was so thrilled to be both gifted with one and find out the secret location to gather them), I am thrilled! They are treasures. Thank You.

A.J. : She is a student, who we found out today, might of rather taken the summer off. But instead pushed through and amazed us with a carved piece on the left the layers of bright floral layers was a real stand out . On the right, her niche had a small found skull tied in front of some collaged maps , very weathered vibe, think she found her "niche" *grin

Me: Well hate the photo, just a little tired this week. But will say I gave myself permission to, experiment and not finish. I tended to want to see what other people were up to, I like the energy. But I buckle down waxed 2 pieces, and even feel them almost done. I would hang these on my wall.

Courtney: She went in a neat direction applying bits of fabrics in a female form with strong marks. On her niche piece she made a nest of fabrics and female sculpture sitting inside. Very distinct style.

Lisa: (Disclaimer, sorry I didn't get a smiling shot, please refer to yesterday where I did!) She was a power house, I loved her compositions , colors & techniques, plus she had the best assemblage! she was right next to me, and just kept hitting home runs ( no pressure, really!). Her piece here, the crow was an early standout color composition & shading , the box has a old star chart a little branch a hanging small rusty cage with a bird....yeah, wow. Her tree piece to the right has a more subtle color palette, seemed modern and interesting with the transfer of the tree and the rest painted on around it

Kristen: She had a real fresh approach, a former science and math major, she brought in a mix of numbers and formula's , also circuit boards in the niche piece. The strong graphic piece on the right was standout, she was a joy to see across the room always smiling.

Deborah: She chose one piece for her showing, her "breath" piece from yesterday, now has a strong crow on the right, great color and balance, the red niche has a silk tissue paper transfer of a women's face inside and one of those special round stones, very mysterious.

Guess these pics are out of order, but here is a close up of Lisa's crow.

Linnea: was one of our lovely T.A.'s . she worked quietly but powerfully, on her vision, she didn't just let things happen she clearly had a plan!. Her final piece on the left had a bee hive pattern carved in deeper in places and owl people of her design expertly carved out, very symbolic. (a close up of the nest is coming)....her piece on the right had a bee drawn into the plaster a fabric piece that came down into the niche, a clever specimen inside. The line work and colors were calm and well chosen.

Here is that close up of the eggs, nest and bee hive, we were captivated and someone said they would like to see the whole series.

The lovely Pat Wheeler worked on 6 pieces for demos, so valuable to see a working artist share her process, perspective and life. Being a big fan of her work, life and vision. I am beyond thrilled that the 2 small pieces in front with the bright blue, came home with me. We traded for one of my recent works from circus puppet theater. No greater currency exists then when two artists appreciate each others skills and exchange a little piece of ourselves,

The final photo is Pat closing out the class with a reading, she pulls tidbits from her many resources, poetry, anthropology books etc. Being in a group of women can be nurturing, even if it is not spoken what we need or expect. I finish my day feeling capable.

Thank You Pat

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day Four: Triumph and Tragedy

Took some shots this morning of my work in progress, lots has changed from this morning....

This piece is still trying to come together, simplicity on a canvas is at times hard to achieve , i suspect I'm making it more complicated then it needs to be

Here is Tangie, a artist after my heart, her wood sculpture has really captivated me . I am so fascinated with what all the ladies are working on, that I found myself at times today more interested in what they were doing then my own pieces!

It's really shaping up, cannot wait to see the finished product.

My work table by days end ...... sigh, paper towels were piling up on the floor and hardly any space left on the table. the two pieces to the right are my "works in progress"

Here is Ann's work, really captivating.

Pieces start to go on the wall when we feel there done. I'll double check the name of the artist for this piece. Lots of carving into plaster layers of color..

Linnea has put her piece up, owl people, a bee hive pattern, the eggs carved out of plaster on the top are amazing. very nice

Hanging a piece on the wall is a little personal victory.

And finally , Deborah, who has taken this class many times like me, reminding us all how important it is to just breath, albeit with a mask on, as the dust is better left out of our lungs.

Almost perfect, sunny day in pdx, out to dinner , a ride on the motorcycle, and a movie.

But my day ended with a bitter sweet note, my dear friend Tory, who has been mentioned many times here, was in a serious car wreck last night, after her opening. Please think healing thoughts for her recovery, she is in ICU,and the world is a better place with her in it. Thank You