Thursday, July 28, 2011

Encore Encore ! ! @ Flutter

Zippy and Mr. Sparkles,

have finally made their debut @ Flutter

The show will be up until Sept. 9Th

One of the most amazing stores on Mississippi St. has an array of decadent treasures. Where a laughing Hyena wearing Tiara's hangs out with his taxidermy friends

....against an amazing turquoise wall, great jewelry, books, clothes and lots of vintage goodness.
It's the perfect place to have an Encore show.
We had a lot of fun setting it up

The performer's always buckle their seat belts, when going to a shows.

We had two windows to fill, but we were up to challenge.

Cindy the lovely proprietress of Flutter and now Eden
had some great ideas

Nicole showing off her tool skills.

Here I am tucked between to chandeliers hanging Zippy, he's a 38 inch long marionette, his head is carved from a old fishing float

Bigmouth is propped against a wall next to the Puppet Theater

Here is another shot of all the over the top decadence .

Today I stepped in to go over some little details, and was met by a lovely lady visiting for Kansas City who fell in love with the show and bought Dolly on the spot, such synchronicity! Thanks Jill. Her card says "Objects d' art, Handworks , Oddities", my kind of girl! Such a treat to meet someone who has the same sensibilities. Next post will be a step by step on how I carved and built the new characters.

Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Hang a Wall of Mirrors..

Well 1st thing you'll need a assistant to help figure the configuration

We laid them out on the floor to get a good flow of the shapes.

I made paper templates and taped them up on the wall, then I pounded the picture hooks and nails where the wires would be, a couple inches down on each paper or as needed.

I painted them a few at a time, a bright white shade to unify them. The background is a pale grey color, it would look better with more contrast , the background being a little darker. But decide since I'm adding white furniture to just keep the room more monochromatic.

There are still a few more touches to add ...

This one is out of sequence but shows us laying them out .

Moving on, we finally made it out to eat 7/21 at Little Bird. For Nicole's Birthday. We rated it 2 out of 4 stars......

Earlier we went to Fluevog, and fell in love with these little beauties. Yes they went home with Nicole, for a birthday gift!

She's a little shocked to open her front door and see a camera "surprise"

This piece is going to Guardino Gallery, it's the biggest piece of wood I've carved, the chisels have been a revelation, fun to use with the rubber mallet. Her arms will be movable, she'll be juggling or holding a hoop and be the last in the series of "the girls". Pet Bee Girl & Heart in a Cage girl, have been sold to private collectors. She'll join "Bravo Girl" at the Gallery soon.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oregon Motorcycle Summer

Finally summer has arrived to the NW , I know a couple of motorcyclists who cannot wait to get out and ride.

L-R Me , Dave Candace and Steve
Wanker's corner Saloon hosts a Wed. night rally. Lots of motorcycles come out to play

So many colors and options, we all kinda shop, ohh and aww

Some are white

Some turquoise, love the chrome

This custom bike had

The coolest wheels, there are spikes around the wheels

Everyone mingles

Bright colors attracts a crowd

All the bikes are like works of art , people customize and accessorize

The chrome hog hood ornament adds a nice touch

I'm falling behind in my blogging efforts. so I'll sneek in Nicole (my daughter) and her beau, from the 4Th

And a fun guy doing a back flip off the top deck of a boat we spent the 4Th on

I'll be catching up with some new carvings of characters for a little show and a decorating project ..."the wall of mirrors" was a one day adventure that has turned into 2 weeks, you'll see, HGTV makes it all seem oh so simple. cheers