Saturday, November 20, 2010

Santa's Workshop

I'm gearing up for our Portland Art Collective holiday sale....And the Little Things Show at Guardino Gallery..
... I have a gaggle of "Finial Girls" with little carved faces. They swivel on a fishing hook. And have a beautiful assortment of ribbon for her skirt!

Many hours of toiling away in the garage, I'm trying to finish up all the outside work before the weather gets to cold, this weekend.

Here is a almost finished batch of Flaming Heart Milagros, I wrote about them on the Portland Art Collective Blog Here. They are all hand cut, shaped, painted waxed and ready to be hung.
Finally a little batch of Vintage Top Birdies. Little doesn't mean easier! LOL, I'm finding out that tops were made from VERY hard wood, and attaching wings proved to be challenging, after 3 sets of 22 cut wings I figured out a solution. The 3rd wheel helps him balance and is meant to be sculpture and not functional, their very cute!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Fun then a Barrel of Monkeys

...... is French Drinking Chocolate

...... a monkey in a top hat

and his Clown Friend

Birthday shopping at Monticello....(future art projects)

With Friends

A birthday lunch with Daru and Kathy taking the photo is the wonderful Maryanne Rollinson painting teacher extraordinaire)

..... Thai coconut ice cream , then

... Pho soup with my husband

Seasonal amazing food at Wildwood with my family. Missing from the lineup is Amazing Sushi with Debbie And Lauren at Sinju, the lighting from the red lit room didn't cooperate, thanks girls.

Add to that beautiful flowers and many cards and messages, took the sting out of entering a new decade. Stay tuned for many art project updates, tis the season!