Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tool Manifesto Photo Shoot, New Dolls & A Dash of Holiday Madness

It's a fine looking group ..all 64 of them. I fell in love with the old wood handles and shapes of the tools, the different patinas, some splattered with paint, some had carved initials, all had wear from a previous life....

The tools all carved and waiting to be painted and enhanced

Blocks were cut, so they standup like little soldiers
They started off rough, finding just the right features for each one

Jason Cohoon, the photographer extraordinaire finding just the right angle
My daughter Nicole assists in the madness
The beer was near

Meanwhile..... all around the cobbler's bench.....I made feet, hands.   Auditioning just the right arms and legs.

The New girls  Trixie  (36 ") in the middle and Lulu (42") on the right.  Decided to sit with Scarlett (58") who's home after her world tour

The whole gang together.
Thanks For coming to see me @ the M.A.C. center and Artist Repertory Theater. Stay tuned news for details on my shows for 2013, published articles!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Day of the Dead, the Opening........

The Show is hung and ready for it's close up!
The crowds came to celebrate and see the show!
So much Good Art
But kinda hard to see up close, at times....Guests came with their faces painted, or got painted at the party. As is the tradition!

Sarah Portland
Junker Jane

              Nicole Brockway

Ted and Mary O'Shea

Mary O'Shea's Glass skulls are so cool!
Nicole and Stephanie

Portia Jenkins in front of her art
Jason and Alexis
Roberta our fabulous facepainter
Kim Campbell and friend

Darlene Schaper and Jason Berlin

Eli Mazet's amazing Sugar skulls
Jason Berlin's "Fought the good fight"

Janet Julian and Dan Hailey provided the wonderful music!!

I'm so happy people loved the show. Thanks to all who came, so many people whose pictures I did not get (or turned out)!

My painting "Tres Boo" found a good home, as did the Tap Dancing Skeleton, seen in the previous post.
If you haven't gotten in to see Portia Jenkins, or ALL the other amazing art, there's still time!! The show is up @ Guardino Gallery until Nov18th. Get details on Facebook! HERE

I hope to SEE you there!!!

                        Love the  glow of the closed gallery

                 It was an honor to curate the show again this year.Thanks for the support Portland, lets do it again next year!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Making of a Driftwwod Skeleton Puppet

I made him for this show! Opening Oct.25 Click Here to get more info on Facebook 

I layed out various pieces of driftwood. Then made piles for ribs, fingers, legs arms etc.

Being Careful to match the sticks in diameter.  There is no set formula when working with found objects, you have to adjust and be flexible to what you have on hand.

I either doweled in, or drilled and wired the pieces together

No self respecting Skeleton would be caught dead with out a cigar and top hat.
His head was carved from an old piece of wood, seen in my previous post....



The Foot bone connected to the....

Rib Bone

Fibula's and Tibula's
He measures 41 inches! He will be somewhere in Guardino Gallery along with art by 27 other artists, Its going to be another great show!

          These paintings by l - r, Jason Berlin and Alison O'Donoghue
Portia Jenkins, Ceramics and Kim Campbell Photography