Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rolling Plant Stand & easy!

After admiring a rolling plant stand, that was way to pricey, I thought, hey I can make one myself!, ( I do this at craft shows too), but this time I actually finished!

First: The small fence posts, come pre -treated and only 1.97 each. I bought 4 of them. At 45" each, I cut twice at 15 inch intervals gave me 12 pieces. phew, sorry if this feels like math...
Next stop the wheel isle, just ask the guy in the orange apron. 4 swivels should do it. They were only 2.99 each. I nail gunned 2 pieces to 2 pieces that formed a square, then filled in, every 1.5 inches the other four, Then 2 to more underneath for the wheel base. I know, just look at the photos, explaining it it much harder then the doing

Now Screwing the wheels, power screwdriver is preferable, and since I like me a good shortcut, I only used 2 screws for each wheel, on opposite corners...seems solid

Ta -Dah. The motivation was, my new Meyer lemon tree. I can now roll it to the house if there is a threat of frost.
Next post will be my epic painting day...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

buckle your seatbelts.....

Finally...a blog. I've been writing one in my head for years to tell you about all my art & adventures, soon all will be revealed...To get the party started a little Anthropology love, my favorite place for inspiration. Chandeliers dipped in paint!
The last of the poppies...I always mean to get outside and paint one, but this year a photo will have to suffice PS. Thanks to Tory for helping, get me started.