Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Coming Soon. Holiday Shows!!!

"Red bow Boy", carved wood, glass eyes, He'll be @ Guardino Gallery and one will be @ The Left Coast Artist sale, the only sale where you can buy direct from me, (until next summer)!

I started a new series called "Toys in the Attic"
Hand Cut and Carved , set on custom rolling bases, sanded, painted, sanded, waxed

I'll have Salvage Stars


I"ll have new "Toolheads"
And lots of LOVE signs on SALE
New Wood Puppets/Dolls will be waiting to meet you. Dec 5 & 6

Moving on to Little Things. The popular show @ Guardino Gallery opens Friday Nov. 28
Once again, I'm paired with my good buddy Dayna Collins

There are 16 different "Toys" too choose from....but wait there's more!

At Riversea Gallery in Astoria ,where some of my pieces from my Villains, Harpies & Sailors show, are still on display. I'll be adding some Littler things!

In Progress...small carved wood characters will be on tiny wheeled platforms. See them after Thanksgiving!

From Cowgirl to Dead Girl

Summers over but, oh what a ride!
As we move from fall to winter I thought I better do a little catch up.  I got to have be a cowgirl with a mighty fine pardner, Alea Bone ,who has a mighty fine blog too.We got invited to show art, at the 1st ever "Art Carts" think food cart.With lots of great artists, some amazing bands We borrowed a vintage trailer that Shelly Caldwell painted a huge paint by numbers desert theme on, naturally we dressed to match it, complete with hay bales and such.
. Read about it HERE



 Then it was time for Day of the Dead. Always a special show, that I help curate for Guardino Gallery. We round up some amazing artist who do work that speak to the celebration.  We opened a month early,so people could enjoy the art in the month leading up to Day of the dead. We had a very lively opening.

Opening night music
The gangs all here


The show was beautiful. See you next year
I carved a "Gunstock Angel" from an  old wood stock, and added glass eyes. "Gunstock Angel, has grown so weary. Trying to bring comfort. But bullets have killed too many."

These guys just got back from L.A.They were in a show @ Cactus Gallery
The Golden Light at the last motorcycle rally

Quick Weekend in Montana,  Go Griz
   A Beautiful Fall has concluded, now on to all the Holiday Shows!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Villains Harpies & Sailors: Anatomy of an Art Show

  My show is opening in Astoria this Saturday @ Riversea Gallery. Here's a peek into how some of my Art pieces evolved.

I  L-O-V-E going to Astoria, a town with lots of history.It inspired me to tell a story, of the people I imagined lived there. I used and carved vintage wood items, some from the area!

I bought large pieces of salvaged Doug Fir

I cut the shapes with a band-saw, then clamp the layers to built up the thickness.

I shaped with a mini chain saw & finished with knives. Tried to find the shape for my vision, "Tattoo Sailor Arm"

 The  fist says "TRUE" if there was a right fist, it would say "STAY"  for Stay True

 I hand painted some vintage Sailor Jerry tats and the rest I just made up. A giant fish hook completes the piece. I had a metal stand welded to hold up this very heavy piece, (it measures 24w x 27h x 5d)

L-R Mr. Brain Coral, Town Girl, Mr.Ladderhead

Glass eyes are set.

 Town Girl, I carved her head, then cut and shaped old wood buildings. She measures 21h"

"Fishgirl" 16w x 14h

Auditioning pieces for the clock case
She's ready for her close up 14h"
"Harpie Case" started out as a block of wood

A old found photo.......
Becomes a painting ("Hey Sailor Boy" 20 x 20), see the evolution HERE

Both of these paintings are on old wood panels I built.  ("Sweet Painted Lady" 22 x 28 )

The old wood shovels were cut to become fish tails, the whale measures 46", the Gars 53" & 58". Old growth wood, baseball bats, antique fan blades,animal teeth & glass eyes. There was a lot angst getting these piece to seem finished. Carving a solid piece of wood would been easier, but I wanted those tails, so lots of figuring & editing ensued.
This little piece includes a broken stool, carriage wheel, a carved fish float, carved  wood horse head with glass eyes and carved wood Sailor hat. ("A Sailing We Will Go" 19 x 16 )
The bust was carved, glass eyes set &  more auditioning...
This old Clock case had many,many changes

I carved some wings out of wood to adorn the case


"Girl in the Clock" 34 x 16 Carved Bust and Wings, found heart, found coral, vintage plumb bobs,salvage bits, netting
"Salvage star" 30 x 30

 Opens this Sat with a reception from 5 -8 and a whole lot going on in Astoria with a Regatta and more, details  HERE

Hurry the show closes Sept 9, 2014