Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day Four: Triumph and Tragedy

Took some shots this morning of my work in progress, lots has changed from this morning....

This piece is still trying to come together, simplicity on a canvas is at times hard to achieve , i suspect I'm making it more complicated then it needs to be

Here is Tangie, a artist after my heart, her wood sculpture has really captivated me . I am so fascinated with what all the ladies are working on, that I found myself at times today more interested in what they were doing then my own pieces!

It's really shaping up, cannot wait to see the finished product.

My work table by days end ...... sigh, paper towels were piling up on the floor and hardly any space left on the table. the two pieces to the right are my "works in progress"

Here is Ann's work, really captivating.

Pieces start to go on the wall when we feel there done. I'll double check the name of the artist for this piece. Lots of carving into plaster layers of color..

Linnea has put her piece up, owl people, a bee hive pattern, the eggs carved out of plaster on the top are amazing. very nice

Hanging a piece on the wall is a little personal victory.

And finally , Deborah, who has taken this class many times like me, reminding us all how important it is to just breath, albeit with a mask on, as the dust is better left out of our lungs.

Almost perfect, sunny day in pdx, out to dinner , a ride on the motorcycle, and a movie.

But my day ended with a bitter sweet note, my dear friend Tory, who has been mentioned many times here, was in a serious car wreck last night, after her opening. Please think healing thoughts for her recovery, she is in ICU,and the world is a better place with her in it. Thank You

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  1. Thanks for the recap of your day and the photos of everyone's progress. I'm missing being there, so your posts help me feel connected.