Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Making of a Driftwwod Skeleton Puppet

I made him for this show! Opening Oct.25 Click Here to get more info on Facebook 

I layed out various pieces of driftwood. Then made piles for ribs, fingers, legs arms etc.

Being Careful to match the sticks in diameter.  There is no set formula when working with found objects, you have to adjust and be flexible to what you have on hand.

I either doweled in, or drilled and wired the pieces together

No self respecting Skeleton would be caught dead with out a cigar and top hat.
His head was carved from an old piece of wood, seen in my previous post....



The Foot bone connected to the....

Rib Bone

Fibula's and Tibula's
He measures 41 inches! He will be somewhere in Guardino Gallery along with art by 27 other artists, Its going to be another great show!

          These paintings by l - r, Jason Berlin and Alison O'Donoghue
Portia Jenkins, Ceramics and Kim Campbell Photography

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Refuse to Settle

My first workshop at Sidka with the lovely DaynaA 4 day workshop with Bill Parks had sparked my interest.
 The little cabin perched on a hill with views of the ocean. Tucked amidst many trees, it's  a quiet, magical location. It's also called a pole house because of the construction of poles throughout
    We became one with nature...evidence of many mice was found throughout; here is the second critter on his way to a final resting place outside the house. (your welcome Dayna:o)
The spirit of drawing included a few days of just black and white, working on contrast and values. I brought in many pods to consider.
We're serious artists, serious I say. But we need to break the tension every once in awhile....

One of the more studious moments, she's a rebel that one!
Refuse to Settle was a suggestion from Bill

A black and white sketch, this will be painted over soon...

 Bill was a sight to behold, sketching, painting, he knows his subjects well and really pushes beyond just making a pretty painting.

Black and white with a bit of color

A side view

Bill giving me feedback. There was no expectation of coming away with a finished piece. But more
of a push to create a problem on the canvas that we work through to challenge ourselves. I came away with a craving to do more of the big messy brushstroke paintings that I adore.

" Bones" My carved skeleton head is in the process of getting, a driftwood "bone" body. He'll be wearing a top hat, like the well dressed skleton that he is. See him in the window @ Guardino Gallery Oct. 25- Nov. 18. Click on the top right side of this page to get the details on facebook @ Day of the Dead pdx!