Sunday, August 22, 2010

Because I can

My last post I put in the wrong Birthday photo of Nicole, so instead of starting over...... Here she is with her one of her favorite gifts from her box of bones, the elk jaw! Just what every girl wants, or at least my girl, collector of old medical and natural curiosities. I'll do a post soon of her wall of wonders.
Us crossing the street, thought it captured the urban street chic look....

And finally, Nicole, My mom and me. Love the old pdx buildings and evening sky, on our way for Lobster bruschetta, rough night!

Summer Reoprt Card

Where does the time go? Here's my summer recap..
A trip to Montana wouldn't be complete without a quick ride on the motorcycle

Lots of wide open rodes, I didn't miss the traffic, sorry Portland.

Finding fossils! the 2 yellow pieces are buffalo teeth, usually found where the Indians did buffalo jumps.
Just down the street from the family home, are these large birds, old carved wood pieces, they've been up there for years.....watching

Then a few more houses down is the Doll house..

Look closer at the picture window, for at least 30 years that I remember, there are large dolls that have regular clothing changes depending on the weather or season

creepy fun, not once have I seen a person around this house, I suspect a family member carries on this long tradition.

Nicole taking a break from moving furniture, she just turned 26 in July.
Then Jason turned 25 in Aug.

I do as I'm told, who was I to argue, especially while at Rejuvenation Hardware .One of my favorite Portland stores

I managed to eat some, here some store bought pizzas, are jazzed up with fresh garlic & olive oil drizzled, mozzarella, spinach leaves tomatoes and a dash of red peppers, hhmmm

Hung with friends, always the best medicine.

And found some time to dream, this fellow wanted to come home with me but I resisted his charms.