Sunday, June 12, 2011

a CARGO full of Decorating Fun

Whenever I have a few extra minutes downtown, I like to pop into Cargo. A mix of imports antiques and art, I always come away visually stimulated and full of new ideas.

There were neat, old grocery stamps....

A very large flaming heart hanging high overhead caught my eye

Love the color of these chests, all in a row, I think I may need one in every color. I'm really starting to have an affair with the color orange, after many years of being indifferent .

These glass ornament's hung from a branch and had a various feather inside.

A bowl of faux mossy rocks, where could I put these?

I tried in a necklace, then decided I would need a new outfit as well!

Then it was on to.........

Crate and Barrel, not usually a big fan, of big box stores. But their displays of late are really captivating me.

This piece just screams read a book on me, and yes it is comfortable, the white pieces against the dark wood, well.... big sigh

Love the modern table , the blue wall with pops of orange just really work. Think those mossy rocks might work here, either in a bowl or square glass vase !

So bright and fun.

Those round mirrors really accentuate well

Never get tired of pretty things in neat little row.

Well didn't get he shot of "My" Dylan chair, a high back grey leather beauty, another customer had the nerve to sit in it and linger,lol, so onto the next display it was....


  1. Great photos of two of my favorite stores!

  2. Like your shopping images. Your photography improves all the time.