Wednesday, June 1, 2011

O.C.A.C. / Art Goodness

Pat Wheeler is back to teach her wonderful workshop @ Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, a wonderful curriculum and campus in Portland. She sets the tone, to trust our instincts and to just

" Start where you Are"

The lunches at the Hands on Cafe are a highlight, here's today's lunch, a spinach salad, with homemade soup and bread, no cookie today. It's important to keep our strenght up for.....

The very important work of applying paint on canvases. So inspiring to see the range of colors, all lined up

Many changes in the days ahead, this process is so freeing, adding, subtracting, more layers, sand some back, whatever I'm in the mood for tomorrow. Letting my intuition be the guide.

Here is the lovely Pat . Sharing her process, and showing me the way to mine. Tune in tomorrow for an update and pics from inside the new studio, it is lovely.

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  1. A perfect first day. Looks like your lunch was delicious (wink wink).