Monday, December 19, 2011

The Christmas Branch,.......with some holiday sprinkles

I like to decorate minimally around the holidays

A few stars here and there

This year instead of a tree cluttering up the floor. I hung a branch from the ceiling.

With just a few silver birds leaves and tinsel

Here's another view, I have more branches and rose hips collected on walks for a fresh look

Moving on.......
A pretty chandelier seen @ the nines...

We dress up very infrequently, but a work function was on our list

Where it was explained what my dh does.... finally after 32 years :o)

My sister Margo and my niece Roma came for a visit this week.
A little spread I put out for more company this weekend.

Roma showing us proper whipped cream etiquette.

We got together for a fierce craft night, using driftwood we collected

Naturally, we produced masterpieces.

Girls night with my sisters, our daughters and my mom.

Downtown Christmas trees, sparkling by night

Maggie's famous Red Chandelier, sparkling by day.

My carved wood hearts wishing you a special holiday. As we lose special people in our lives it's sweet to remember & treasure what we do have.

All good blog posts should end with a special dessert.
This beauty was served @ a PAC function

Finally the view @ the Nines looking down the marble staircase .
Long glass ornaments were lit up. Very Nice..... if your not scared of heights.

You can see more holiday decorating HERE @ PAC Blog

Friday, December 9, 2011

PUPPETS, She "SAID" & Meet Simone

Nestled in Multnomah Village, is a little neighborhood in SW Portland, a jewel of a design shop called SAID click HERE

It's the perfect place to stage a PUPPET Show, Up for the month of December. Stop in to play! Simone is the newest member of the cast, she stands 13 inches tall, her legs dangle when she dances. She is Carved from old wood parts her body is an old ornate table leg.

Let's take a tour! The shop feels like you've stepped into the pages of a design magazine. A mix of modern, industrial, chandeliers .......ever changing.
B-I-G swoon!

I could move right in.

Did someone say turtle shell?, & that industrial light is calling my name.

The pink ornate couch paired with the taxidermy deer and graphic wall paper, are beyond divine, I want to re decorate every time I step in.

The PUPPETS are very happy to be here, and are so appreciative,
they even get the front window

"The Ringmaster" is poised in the theater

"Zippy" hangs in the showroom

But first had to try out the decadent vintage chair,
updated in hot pink and blue velvet

Mr. Sparkles is on a New pedestal and peers out the front Window,
waiting to welcome you!

7501 SW Capitol Hwy. Check for hours
ps. This is the last public showing of the public theater, it is priced to sell. As are the heirloom quality one of a kind puppets! Contact SAID for details

Monday, December 5, 2011

Art Shows Glistening and Bright!

Mr. Lucky one of my new Fellas ,wanted to say "Hi" and thank you
for checking in.
What a busy month we've had!

The PAC sale, at Multnomah Art Center was a rousing success.
Seeing friends old and new. Sharing my art and even selling a few pieces. I myself, got quite a few new treasures!

These are the beginnings of some new flaming hearts that had stars cut out. A sketch was done before I cut out around the shapes. They all sold out as did the birds!, but you still might be able to find one at
Mary Lou Zeek Gallery

The finished hearts spread out waiting to be inventoried.

Dayna got a nice photo of my booth!

And here's the tree that greets visitors each year as they come in, full of ornaments, all made by various members.

Some of my new characters in the carving phase, yes these are fishing floats!

And then finished, as puppets, dolls, sculpture or otherwise!

"Zippy" to the left is at said, a sweet little jewel of interior design and retail shop in Portland, an exciting development for sure, that I'll share this week! Also "Jumping Jack" has found a new home @ Guardino Gallery, until someone brings him home with them!

Finally a shot of my tree, full of little wood houses. All hand cut & painted with windows and doors. After many sandings and coats of waxes, they hang together to form a little can find some of them HERE @ Guardino Gallery.

Stay tuned for the details, on the exciting
Circus Puppet Theater News,
Right Here, This week!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's not Graffiti

Took a little break and headed to Astoria. Lots of history, antiquing and eating.

Our hotel The Cannery, was located on a pier in the Columbia river. Our faithful Garmin seemed totally unconcerned that we were under water, announcing proudly that we had arrived at our destination!

Beach combing is a must for me, if I get anywhere near the water, I search for treasure.

Faded paint and metal ,( just lost a photo of more painted wood, I was going to share), but I'm not starting my post over!

Pieces of boats, way to big to haul home, darn

Didn't see any of these, it's way to cold to swim, so we were safe!

Back at home, this week has been a blur of activities. But love running into friends wearing stripped socks.

Sharing drinking chocolate At Almas in Portland warms your soul.

And now, today. It's back to work, it's not graffiti...... but sketched out Corazon's or flaming hearts. Each one is different, hand drawn & cut, then sanded, carved, painted, stamped, burnt and waxed.

Upcoming shows, on Dec 2 and 3rd HERE and HERE

Align Center

And finally this old metal stencil seen at a museum, the cast shadow on the wall. Intriguing.