Sunday, September 19, 2010

Corners of my Home

Corners of my Home...... There used to be a little trend on blogs where folks shared little snapshots of their homes. The little oddities and displays were always a highlight for me...a confirmed junk hound
I took a few photos around my house last week, all my stuff had to be packed away for a demo.....I'm not sure what will make it back on display. I'm trying to simplify be a minimalist, but secretly know better...

...that little bits found from walks , along with anything curious that has a story to be told, will somehow makes it's way home with me

I keep wanting to pare down the orchids by the sink, but they keep blooming, (must love the steam from the sink?)

While I wait for the demo to be completed, and get everything back together.
A few photos of what was, cheered me up!