Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oregon Motorcycle Summer

Finally summer has arrived to the NW , I know a couple of motorcyclists who cannot wait to get out and ride.

L-R Me , Dave Candace and Steve
Wanker's corner Saloon hosts a Wed. night rally. Lots of motorcycles come out to play

So many colors and options, we all kinda shop, ohh and aww

Some are white

Some turquoise, love the chrome

This custom bike had

The coolest wheels, there are spikes around the wheels

Everyone mingles

Bright colors attracts a crowd

All the bikes are like works of art , people customize and accessorize

The chrome hog hood ornament adds a nice touch

I'm falling behind in my blogging efforts. so I'll sneek in Nicole (my daughter) and her beau, from the 4Th

And a fun guy doing a back flip off the top deck of a boat we spent the 4Th on

I'll be catching up with some new carvings of characters for a little show and a decorating project ..."the wall of mirrors" was a one day adventure that has turned into 2 weeks, you'll see, HGTV makes it all seem oh so simple. cheers


  1. You've become a biker chick! I'll bet Dave is thrilled!!

  2. You are one cute biker chick! I think I need the turquoise one.