Sunday, December 26, 2010

Low - Key Christmas

The idea of trudging out many boxes of decorations just did NOT appeal to me this year. So I just took a simpler approach. My friend Janet did the Angel, I paired it with a gold wing book I carved last year.
The entry way got a little vintage tinsel small glass domes and, a few handmade ornaments, from my art group.

I decided not to do a official tree, these little plastic white ones looked striking against the dark grey wall

Did just a little entertaining, a couple of small gatherings here, and a few there.

another shot of the entry way.

The little black tree paired nicely with the bowl of balls

Draping one strand of lights on a bookcase, was just the right touch. I also did one giant light up star in the front window, and then all the gifts piled right there under a torch lamp, yes I did get a lot of flack for the " Holiday Lamp" I even made up a song " (sung to the tune of oh chirstmas tree) it didn't catch on as everyone refused to sing along, no spirit!

...and today, I finally hung my Ikea light fixture over the sink. I'm so happy that putting Christmas away will be a snap... I feel a big garage sale coming on where I purge all the excess.
Stay tuned for my big studio clean up, complete with before and after photos. An art friend has agreed to whip me into shape so I can begin the New Year organized and jump headfirst into a big solo art show......

Sunday, December 5, 2010

PAC Show Wrap Up...

Wow what a weekend, it is such an honor to belong to such a diverse art group, and to share my art with the community. Here is a photo from my booth at the PAC show. Flaming Hearts, Salvage Angels, Urban Folk Art Birds, are among the offerings. Click on the PAC link to see more photos and links to the other members blogs, they take such great photos! I'm still in the dreaded learning curve.

Had to include a little shoe love, one of our members came in with these lace up green beauties.

A close up of some hearts, I called "Labyrinth Hearts" deep carved swirls with a leather tie.

Not a great photo, but this was an anchor piece "Juggling Act" a deep carved wood plaque, my girl is on her blue polka dot pony, she has her eye on the trapeze while keeping red balls in the air. It sold to a fun artist, always a great compliment.

Another view of just a small part of the gym...filled with such wonderment. It was a special weekend with so many art lovers. See you next year!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Santa's Workshop

I'm gearing up for our Portland Art Collective holiday sale....And the Little Things Show at Guardino Gallery..
... I have a gaggle of "Finial Girls" with little carved faces. They swivel on a fishing hook. And have a beautiful assortment of ribbon for her skirt!

Many hours of toiling away in the garage, I'm trying to finish up all the outside work before the weather gets to cold, this weekend.

Here is a almost finished batch of Flaming Heart Milagros, I wrote about them on the Portland Art Collective Blog Here. They are all hand cut, shaped, painted waxed and ready to be hung.
Finally a little batch of Vintage Top Birdies. Little doesn't mean easier! LOL, I'm finding out that tops were made from VERY hard wood, and attaching wings proved to be challenging, after 3 sets of 22 cut wings I figured out a solution. The 3rd wheel helps him balance and is meant to be sculpture and not functional, their very cute!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Fun then a Barrel of Monkeys

...... is French Drinking Chocolate

...... a monkey in a top hat

and his Clown Friend

Birthday shopping at Monticello....(future art projects)

With Friends

A birthday lunch with Daru and Kathy taking the photo is the wonderful Maryanne Rollinson painting teacher extraordinaire)

..... Thai coconut ice cream , then

... Pho soup with my husband

Seasonal amazing food at Wildwood with my family. Missing from the lineup is Amazing Sushi with Debbie And Lauren at Sinju, the lighting from the red lit room didn't cooperate, thanks girls.

Add to that beautiful flowers and many cards and messages, took the sting out of entering a new decade. Stay tuned for many art project updates, tis the season!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Opening Night Wrap Up

Here, in no particular order some photos from last night. In the main gallery are many large sculptures from Janet Geib-Pretti using bronze and wood, an amazing body of work.
Outside greeting you when you arrived, was an Altar put together by Cynthia Mooney. Many candles, marigold flowers, bread, nuts a beautiful reminder to honor our ancestors
Here's another view of the glow......

From left to right Tory, Dayna, Steph and Nik. I missed many pics of friends who came...

Another view from the outside looking in......lots to see!

The talented Janet Julian taking a break form singing.
She has work in the show too! (thanks Janet)

Here's Donna Guardino and painter Marcia Hindman in front of one of her many paintings, so many layers of interest, you really need to see them in person.

Here are few PAC members, who happen to have work in the show L-R
Cynthia, Tory and Gloria. Great night,
Muchos Gracias to all who came.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day of the Dead at Guardino's

Coming Soon..... (This Thursday Oct. 28Th)!!!

Today was the hanging of art at Guardino Gallery It's always a little like Christmas, never knowing what all the artists will bring in for the show. The Challenge of putting it all together so it looks cohesive, is one of the highlights of curating. Here my found object carvings "Beloved Couple"

To start, the gallery walls are bare, my little horse is waiting to see where he'll go.....

" A little to the right". My hanging team this year, the talented Tory Brokenshire and Gloria Sowell. Both have work on display, Tory's art is that giant Santos, one of two! And Gloria's are those amazing gold encaustic pieces on top, they just glow.

Job well done, phew. Missing in this photo is Janet Julian, who is a local legend, with her "props" lol. She brought me all kinds of goodies for the front window, to make it look like little Altars. PS. She'll be preforming on opening night!!

Here's the night shot. You can see the cut wood banner I painted to match this years show card, surrounded by the traditional marigold flowers, very festive. On opening night Cynthia Mooney will help set up a Public Altar outside,with flowers and candles. All are welcome to leave a photo or note. Can't wait.
* See the show until Nov. 21st

Weekend in Review.....

Kenton neighborhoods, third Thursday art walk, was in full swing. I went out to see my friend Janet Julian's art work. Also showing were Tabor Porter and Greg Carrigan.
One of her famous mermaid paintings, here shown on a old chest and giant chain.

Her large painting is a hit. Here Annie Grgich , goofing around.

One of the many displays.

Find it all here!, at Salvage Works till the end of the month,
Then Friday on to Menucha, for a bi-yearly Portland art group went to work and play

We were greeted with flowers and a spread of food.... no one went hungry.

A pond on the grounds has fresh cut flowers floating on top.

The fall colors were if full force.

The wild life was abundant.
The view of the Columbia gorge is stunning, as always

Dayna here with Darlene captured this years Menucha on her blog. I'm still trying to remember to take photos. A little art demo frenzy. Suzy Wolfer was kind enough to share a technique.