Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mar Goman @ Guardino Gallery

What a treat to see Mar's work tonight. From the 1st time, a bunch of us saw her "The Story of Lucy" show, see a recap HERE. Well, were lifelong fans. Her originality and vision shine through......... Tonight, in spite of the weather reports of snowfall, I went to support this amazing women.
L-R, Me , Mar and Gloria Sowell... in front of a wall of journal pages, I couldn't decide which one to take home and was vacillating between two, then over heard her say that one I had chosen was her favorite....SOLD
Then there was this special jacket being modeled....

Here is the quote close up...well said

Here is a closeup of the wall...there is more to see HERE on the gallery website. And check out the photo blog there. See her stuff until Mar. 28Th.
Nighty Night.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Work

Marionette Puppet Theater Report: The head in the middle is 9 inches tall, carved stained painted, he'll be an acrobat in the window attached to a body. The clowns on either side measure 25 inches tall. and will be suspended in the theatre.... My photo taking skills are a work in enjoy some pictures from earlier in the week....
My friends bedroom has quite the collection on religious art...amazing

Couldn't resist one corner of the living room featuring old circus toys.


The table was set, and the tea steeping...

And finally Abby the wonder dog, joined us at the table, sweet.
As I continue working every spare minute on my "marionette puppet theatre" carving, planning, writing their story, and even fantasizing about a book or Zine with glossy photos. I'll have lots more photos within the week. 6 more puppets are in the final stages.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Clowning Around

Where does the time go? Above is my almost finished clown figurine, carved face arms, feet, the jointed limbs I made from found objects. He measures about 32 inches when his legs are straight. It felt so good to complete him, I have many carved heads , waiting to come to life before my end of April deadline...stay tuned!
And because it's always good to mix business with pleasure....I'll quickly recap the last couple weeks.

I strayed from the art cave long enough to visit Funky Junk Sisters, with the lovely Dayna. Who looks quite fetching in this girdle, you go girl!

Here are the funky junk sisters, with "Modern Prairie Girl" in the middle. I did love her sweet dress.

Here's a overhead shot of me , surprise...... carving. A bunch of us met at collage to work on our projects.....

And finally...... Tabor Porter, Jewelry artist extraordinaire. Showing off a piece of his art, currently staring at Cannibals Gallery in Portland. The theme is Tangled Hearts and Wounded Relationships, just in time for Valentine's Day.......