Friday, April 29, 2011

Opening Night !!

Countless months of work is finally done. Now the jitters, how will people like it? What if no one comes?
Thank You to those brave souls who made it out despite the rain and Blazer traffic. The view above, outside looking in.
The pedestal in the entrance with my completed book, I tried to tell a story about the characters in the show, silly fun. Also I put out a copy of the photo about my show from the The Oregonian A&E.

Always a thrill to see people looking at my art.

Here's Donna the owner of Guardino's. Thanks for having faith in me Donna, and let me take a bold step, to do what I am pretty sure is the first Circus Puppet Theater show, the gallery has ever seen ! If nothing else I'm proud I took a risk.

Here's Greg jiggling the sticks that get the puppets moving, fun!

Here's Jamie and Skye

The lovely Dayna, who's support means so much. I questioned my vision a few times, "did I really think this was a good idea?" and the resounding "yes" kept me going. And a little red dot love goes a long way!

My son Jason came with his beautiful girlfriend Alexis, taking a rare night off from work.

The "circus food" had to be bright colorful and fun.

Here's Cynthia's demonstrating that the circus peanuts I got for props, might actually be good eating! But the homemade caramel popcorn she brought was! I saved bag for breakfast, yum.

L-R: The family. Nicole, Jason , Dave and me. A rare night together

My fellow wood carvers and art friends, who have their own wood carving show coming up in July.

Thanks Maggie, nice to see your friendly face .

Hello Debbie and Lauren, Thank you for the flowers!

Here's Darlene from PAC

Here I am with Gregg Tabor and Tory, another art angel and who's can do spirit was a BIG encouragement to me, girls got technical skills to boot!

A view of the Lovely Scarlett, she is the star of the show, suspended in the front window, her passage in the book reads. " Flying from hoop to hoop with nary a worry for her well being nor safety. As nubile a nymph as the circus has ever seen.

"Listen as the crowd screams"

Gotta have friends.

Here: with Kitty, Tory and Howard ( who is Dayna's sidekick )

My longtime friend Louise came out to play and is always a joy to see.

I took lots of photos, sadly lots of them were beyond editing. Darn

To my PAC sisters Paula and Jill, Robin, Lenall, Lori, Sue, Mary & Gloria. And my carving group who stopped in Puddy, Dick, Ron and Suzanne!

Everyone made a night, that I was a little fearful of, enjoyable. I am grateful.

The shows up all month till May 22nd. Hoping to convert a few people to the wonders and skill of woodcarving

And fyi, my beloved chihuahua, Punky who was at the emergency vet, 3 times this week, (phew) seems to be rallying.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Interactive Puppet Show

"The Ringmaster cracks his whip bringing the show to life"

Did I tell you that the puppet Theater is interactive? It is 36 x 48. It's built with salvaged wood from rebuilding center, the backdrop is a canvas I painted. I designed two rows of puppets , you move the sticks in the upper right side so they move ,dance and come to life! It took a few trials runs till I came up with just the right movement, it will be for sale.
This is a sign above I cut out, then built up the edges with paper clay to build it up, then hand lettered.
Looking better today that the book will be at the gallery for the opening, please please please, in case anyone from blurb books is reading!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A glimmer of spring

Uncovered my meyer lemon tree, to see one lone lemon, clinging on for dear life. After the rainy gloomy spring we've had, it seems appropriate. Taking a much needed break from the book edit madness, 18 hours on Fri. 6 on Sat. and a few tearful moments during the week. I'm glad I soldiered on and learned, and did it myself, I almost hired someone for big bucks but it was my story to tell.....maybe for the next one!?
The full shot of the sad tree. I hope it decides pull through, the smell from the blossoms in the summer, is the best
The bright spot in the yard are the red tulips, so bright, it might be time to shed our coats.

Some new art purchased from artfest, looks like the aloof goth girls I used to carve.
Under the dome is my new piece from Mar. I'll retake this shot, so for now this will have to suffice.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Just back from 5 days of Art adventures in Port Townsend, if you've been you know! Here's a recap
First a little road trip with friends, for the way up. I could not get Tory and Dayna to stop waving their pom poms, out the windows of cars even, they are quite the enthusiastic girls! (click their names to read more about our adventure)
Here's a car parked at the Fort Worden, girl has a glue gun.

All the buildings at Fort Worden were built in 1899, walking around the campus is like stepping back in time, very peaceful.
The Castle on the hill over looking the ocean....
We had one sunny day, the beach beckoned but duty called.
Dinner with my house mates one night.
Silly Art from the iron chef competition, all the pieces were made in an hour, gotta love the circus theme!
My first day, a little collage, fabric and dye ....

Jesse Reno...what a breath of fresh air, so much more, then about putting paint on a canvas, listening to yourself and going for it....nice

First layer...of many many layers. All mixed with primary colors in our hands

.........more layers
A sheet from some exercises, so much value in letting go
The final piece, I did do a "Jesse style", not so much my authentic style, but fun and lots to consider. My easel and paints are calling me, as soon as the circus show leaves town .

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photo Shoot Learning Curve/ Blurb book

Here's a peek from today's photo shoot, taken for a blurb book, I'll be offering with my show . Jason Cohoon the photographer in action, around 8 hours into it! It's the big puppet theater I built from salvaged wood, the painted backdrop and the hanging eight puppets, all carved and costumed.
Here's me with Jason, holding the disk, the learning curve has been steep, lots of backdrops and props on the fly. Letting the characters images do most of the speaking, the story line is full of "folly and jest"

I saw lots of this today!

Weederboy's ready for his closeup, Turtleman waiting patiently in the background.
Here's Hammerhead, his body is so unexpected! His head is carved from a big old finial.
Here's Boatman a part of the line up. Hopefully the Slide show of all the characters will be up and running tomorrow. A final edit for the book. Plus show cards picked up and delivered. Oh and pack and leave for Artfest on Wed, read about it here and here yikes

Got past the hanging of the puppets phase, 1st time for everything!