Sunday, May 22, 2011

Peace and Eden

On Friday I had the pleasure of visiting Eden on N.W. 11Th in the Pearl,

the new sister store of my favorite shopping haunt, Flutter
Here you can almost make out the owner Cindy, smiling in the mirror.

Love the vibe, kinda a 60's theme, some vintage, bright pops of color. Lots of earthy moss on chandeliers and display cases with succulents

The color on the wall is a neat shade of mauve-y pink,

that pairs well with the rich green velvet curtains in the back.

A cool wall color kinda became her signature after her the bright blue wall at Flutter became such a hit. I smelled some very decadent fragrances on scored some beautiful art paper tied in pretty rolls.

Every store needs a mascot, this peacock makes quite a statement.

and he's for sale, if you promise to take good care of him!

Moving on that day, up the Columbia Gorge to Menucha, for a private retreat for my art group. I decided to focus on nature, being the day of a impending Rapture, I felt a little left behind.

Never disappointed in the beauty of the landscape

It wasn't sunny , but also not rainy, so we call that great weather.

I walked the famous labyrinth

And got a close up view of this intriguing tree,

despite a big gaping hole

Continues to flourish just the same, nice.

When getting this shot by the pond, a large frog jumped in

and scared me more than him. But the message was clear.


  1. Great photos Steph I love seeing all the places you go. It was a fun weekend and I can't wait for the next.

  2. Eden look beautiful through your eyes. I can't wait to visit. Lovely photos of Menucha, too.