Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The story of Turtleman and his Bride

The story of Turtleman.

I saw this little white shell on a friend's blog. It was found in a desert, bleached out and faded by time. About 6 inches long, I just had to have it, I envisioned a poem etched into it. And a carved character to go along,

A kitchen pestle fit the bill. After I carved his face, I cut notches for his leg. I used drum sticks for his limbs. and found a metal bit for his head. Here's the "tale on his shell" He's got one shoe on and one shoe off, he's got places to go albeit rather slowly:

"I wasn't trying to go fast, but simply arrive, I didn't need to win,,,instead just keep going, one foot in front of another, slow but steady"

From the blurb book i wrote to go along with the show.

His bride awaits a broom indeed.

A spinster she was not to be !

Happily, Turtleman has found a new home. I'll miss him, he was one of the first characters, and a labor of love. You can see him and his bride at Guardino Gallery until May 22nd,

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  1. Turtleman sold?? Lucky little guy, but I'm sure you will miss him. You've had the little turtle shell for quite some time.