Friday, April 29, 2011

Opening Night !!

Countless months of work is finally done. Now the jitters, how will people like it? What if no one comes?
Thank You to those brave souls who made it out despite the rain and Blazer traffic. The view above, outside looking in.
The pedestal in the entrance with my completed book, I tried to tell a story about the characters in the show, silly fun. Also I put out a copy of the photo about my show from the The Oregonian A&E.

Always a thrill to see people looking at my art.

Here's Donna the owner of Guardino's. Thanks for having faith in me Donna, and let me take a bold step, to do what I am pretty sure is the first Circus Puppet Theater show, the gallery has ever seen ! If nothing else I'm proud I took a risk.

Here's Greg jiggling the sticks that get the puppets moving, fun!

Here's Jamie and Skye

The lovely Dayna, who's support means so much. I questioned my vision a few times, "did I really think this was a good idea?" and the resounding "yes" kept me going. And a little red dot love goes a long way!

My son Jason came with his beautiful girlfriend Alexis, taking a rare night off from work.

The "circus food" had to be bright colorful and fun.

Here's Cynthia's demonstrating that the circus peanuts I got for props, might actually be good eating! But the homemade caramel popcorn she brought was! I saved bag for breakfast, yum.

L-R: The family. Nicole, Jason , Dave and me. A rare night together

My fellow wood carvers and art friends, who have their own wood carving show coming up in July.

Thanks Maggie, nice to see your friendly face .

Hello Debbie and Lauren, Thank you for the flowers!

Here's Darlene from PAC

Here I am with Gregg Tabor and Tory, another art angel and who's can do spirit was a BIG encouragement to me, girls got technical skills to boot!

A view of the Lovely Scarlett, she is the star of the show, suspended in the front window, her passage in the book reads. " Flying from hoop to hoop with nary a worry for her well being nor safety. As nubile a nymph as the circus has ever seen.

"Listen as the crowd screams"

Gotta have friends.

Here: with Kitty, Tory and Howard ( who is Dayna's sidekick )

My longtime friend Louise came out to play and is always a joy to see.

I took lots of photos, sadly lots of them were beyond editing. Darn

To my PAC sisters Paula and Jill, Robin, Lenall, Lori, Sue, Mary & Gloria. And my carving group who stopped in Puddy, Dick, Ron and Suzanne!

Everyone made a night, that I was a little fearful of, enjoyable. I am grateful.

The shows up all month till May 22nd. Hoping to convert a few people to the wonders and skill of woodcarving

And fyi, my beloved chihuahua, Punky who was at the emergency vet, 3 times this week, (phew) seems to be rallying.


  1. Brava!!! I just gotta go back today. :)

  2. What a wonderful show Steph. It all turned out beautiful you can be very proud!

  3. So proud of you Stephanie!!! I remember back in art class with Marianne you told us you were going to be "an artist" and I have seen you work all these years at making that dream come true! Congratulations!

  4. What a great post about the opening of your show! (And thank you for your kind comments.) I just love your finished art . . . it looks stunning at the gallery, and I hope you are getting some much needed rest.

  5. It's a fabulous show Steph--bravo to you! Your pieces are so fresh and original. Hope you and Punky are both recuperating now.

  6. You look so dang happy!! And rightfully so. I can't wait to see your show in person this week. Wonderful!