Monday, May 16, 2011

Put a Fly on it.....

Seen last week..on the wall of the new "library pop up store" on NW 23rd in pdx. Of course "fierce" was made popular by Project Runway's Christian Siriano, love him.

More small talk

We ran into this place on NW Overton , last Thursday, you can see more HERE.

IIt's the perfect place to see a real Alien Autopsy! (just play along).

Of course I love their take on the current catch phrase in pdx to "put a bird on it".

Here is the 1st customer to purchase at the library "pop up" store. You can read all about it HERE

I never know what I'm going to buy when I go antiquing. This little perfume bottle caught my eye at Monticello

And a small pillow with a dog print.........

I love to collect old wood letter stamps

But this is my first set that are in the shape of little houses, which I love!

PS: One week left to see a little Circus Puppet Theater Here


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