Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Only 2 Weeks Left!!!!

To meet "Weederboy" and say hello. To make the puppets move by moving the levers, they all like to dance!

Here's a view of the gallery wall "Ring My Nose" one of the 2-d circus posters

Another Gallery view , "Bigmouth" is waiting to swallow your ball. To the right is the "half/man- half woman" it spins and has a naughty surprise, like any good sideshow freak would.......

Scarlett looks so cool suspended in the front window, surrounded by black hoops

The puppets are pretty friendly, and so far are behaving themselves *grin* . There's talk of a encore show, with some pieces sold, there are a few more that might join the Circus....

So hurry before May 22nd

In the mean time I am back to decorating again. This dark corner needed something..... I agonized over what kind of bookcase to put in. A built in on the whole wall was a 1st choice, but the IKEA grid was the quicker fix, I may still add on another level , to display all my collectibles. The bottom row is my temporary desk. Next week I'll add a chandelier, chair and work/ art table....

And dreaming of painting large canvases soon @ OCAC, the fabulous Pat Wheeler form N.Y./Maine arrives, a full week of splashing paint will begin!

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  1. How nice that you able to focus on finishing up the decorating of your house. And seeing your art from Pat's class makes me salivate for this year's class (in only a few weeks).