Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photo Shoot Learning Curve/ Blurb book

Here's a peek from today's photo shoot, taken for a blurb book, I'll be offering with my show . Jason Cohoon the photographer in action, around 8 hours into it! It's the big puppet theater I built from salvaged wood, the painted backdrop and the hanging eight puppets, all carved and costumed.
Here's me with Jason, holding the disk, the learning curve has been steep, lots of backdrops and props on the fly. Letting the characters images do most of the speaking, the story line is full of "folly and jest"

I saw lots of this today!

Weederboy's ready for his closeup, Turtleman waiting patiently in the background.
Here's Hammerhead, his body is so unexpected! His head is carved from a big old finial.
Here's Boatman a part of the line up. Hopefully the Slide show of all the characters will be up and running tomorrow. A final edit for the book. Plus show cards picked up and delivered. Oh and pack and leave for Artfest on Wed, read about it here and here yikes

Got past the hanging of the puppets phase, 1st time for everything!


  1. Your puppets and theater are wonderful. I can't wait to see more!

  2. I love seeing all the new characters appear! Have a great time at Artfest--hope you can get puppet land out of your head for a few days.

  3. I love having peek "inside" the photo shoot. Your vision is coming to life and your show will be an amazing event.