Saturday, May 26, 2012

Outside The Box

The Peoples Gallery of Portland,  Has a show called "Outside the Box", Now through June 16th.It's on the 3rd floor of Pioneer Place mall downtown PDX.

I was asked to submit 6 pieces, and had only 3 weeks to complete them! Here are 5 of the pieces, before framing. And to the right is "Tree Girl" a movable doll/puppet Sculpture

Here with Dayna at the opening, She also has work in the show. I teased her that she did such a good blog post that me doing one on the same subject seems redundant. I also might of "borrowed" some photos from her blog!

Kinda blurry but here is my work on the wall

Some Chris Haberman pieces, one of the curators.

Looking inside the Gallery

I love to see people enjoying the art!

Darlene Schaper's  Bright pieces pop on this green wall. Click on her name to see more!

Darlene's work is so original and fun!!!

Love me a good deer head!

I have a weakness for stripes, This chair at the gallery caught my attention. Stay tuned I have some big paintings in progress and Doing First Thursday in the Pearl June 7th, details to follow!


  1. Borrowed, eh? Borrow away. It was a fun opening and a good show.

  2. Love your new pieces!...and the old ones too!