Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Begin Where You Are

I just finished a 5 day workshop at O.C.A.C. with the wonderful Pat Wheeler, she is part painter, poet & anthropologist, weaving an experience that always leaves me wanting me more.

And so we begin, the prep work is hard but also free's our minds to just do
1st paint on wood canvases, limestone clay, then...

Pat sets a tone  all week..."Consider everything an experiment, nothing is a mistake. There's no win and there's no fail. There's only make"

Here's Dayna  a whirlwind of activity she is a sight to behold. The lovely large bright classroom in the background is a great space.

L-R Dayna Pat Nikki ( who's taken the class) and me
Here with Jason Berlin the T.A. Extraordinaire, Tabor Porter who was assisting in a class and Pat.

The campus is full of great art. Here a metal sculpture dog pees on a hydrant. While the lovely Darlene Schaper takes a photo.

Another sculpture curses his "pear" computer
The letterpress lab has a timely reminder

Pat, like a lot of artists. Collects from nature. Scraps and bits that are imbedded, drawn or kept nearby to inspire

Watching her transform her boards is a thing of beauty

I went to painting faces, after a few landscapes
Someone said my paintings looked like one of my carved faces...hhmmm

Jason Berlin wrapping some treasures for his niche
Flying baby alert... In the smoke area!!
Some finished boards ready for critique

Who wouldn't want to sit on this stool?
Lighting the way

Eating at the Hands On Cafe, everyday is a treat. Here the final brunch ......with the gang!
For the record....Eggs Benedict with salmon and shrimp

A balanced rock seen in the parking lot everyday. Reminded me that achieving balance, while a lofty goal, might be playing it too safe. I'm reminded to "Tolerate Chaos"  And will continue "to search, but in order to find other than what is searched for"......
Thanks Pat.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience in this amazing class!! Love your faces!

  2. what a wonderful class..wish l could do things like this...haven't found any over here old UK...not as adventous as you lot!xlynda

  3. Your faces are right in synch with the carvings--very nice! Looks like a great class!

  4. Reliving the week of art heaven. Thanks for capturing it so perfectly!