Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Orleans 2012

Just back from my first visit, to this magical city.......

 It is a city, full of angels

And a pirate or two.
Here with Nikki,the High Priestess of Sightseeing

Having a fun Posse to laugh with, is highly recommended.

L-R  Me, Nikki and Dayna

The Flowers were all in bloom, from fragrant gardenias to jasmine, these Magnolias and Angel trumpets. Will soon be planted in my yard, I insist!


Antieau Gallery in the French Quarter,was high on list to visit,and there she was right when we walked in. The universe insisted we meet!  Me, Chris Roberts Antieau and Dayna

Some John Whipple art on the walls, so nice!

Streetcars,repeat these are streetcars and NOT Trolley's!

Fun people to talk too.... 
  The nicest folks ever

Bourbon street is still there, but we just kept on truckin.

 Beads on the trees everywhere you look,

Bands marching on the fly

Fortunes to be told

Hello Navy Week

Yes, we WERE looking at you!

NOLA: land of all things "Who Dat"

Finally, rest on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain, on way to the airport with DAYNA click to see her 3 posts, lots of great photos there!...more to come

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  1. oh god, you just touched the surface but a great start. i hope you come back and visit again someday. we still have some places to go.