Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Hang a Wall of Mirrors..

Well 1st thing you'll need a assistant to help figure the configuration

We laid them out on the floor to get a good flow of the shapes.

I made paper templates and taped them up on the wall, then I pounded the picture hooks and nails where the wires would be, a couple inches down on each paper or as needed.

I painted them a few at a time, a bright white shade to unify them. The background is a pale grey color, it would look better with more contrast , the background being a little darker. But decide since I'm adding white furniture to just keep the room more monochromatic.

There are still a few more touches to add ...

This one is out of sequence but shows us laying them out .

Moving on, we finally made it out to eat 7/21 at Little Bird. For Nicole's Birthday. We rated it 2 out of 4 stars......

Earlier we went to Fluevog, and fell in love with these little beauties. Yes they went home with Nicole, for a birthday gift!

She's a little shocked to open her front door and see a camera "surprise"

This piece is going to Guardino Gallery, it's the biggest piece of wood I've carved, the chisels have been a revelation, fun to use with the rubber mallet. Her arms will be movable, she'll be juggling or holding a hoop and be the last in the series of "the girls". Pet Bee Girl & Heart in a Cage girl, have been sold to private collectors. She'll join "Bravo Girl" at the Gallery soon.

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  1. Love seeing the progression on the wall of mirrors and it is always a treat to see glimpses of your carvings. Black boots? With multiple buckles? In love.