Thursday, July 28, 2011

Encore Encore ! ! @ Flutter

Zippy and Mr. Sparkles,

have finally made their debut @ Flutter

The show will be up until Sept. 9Th

One of the most amazing stores on Mississippi St. has an array of decadent treasures. Where a laughing Hyena wearing Tiara's hangs out with his taxidermy friends

....against an amazing turquoise wall, great jewelry, books, clothes and lots of vintage goodness.
It's the perfect place to have an Encore show.
We had a lot of fun setting it up

The performer's always buckle their seat belts, when going to a shows.

We had two windows to fill, but we were up to challenge.

Cindy the lovely proprietress of Flutter and now Eden
had some great ideas

Nicole showing off her tool skills.

Here I am tucked between to chandeliers hanging Zippy, he's a 38 inch long marionette, his head is carved from a old fishing float

Bigmouth is propped against a wall next to the Puppet Theater

Here is another shot of all the over the top decadence .

Today I stepped in to go over some little details, and was met by a lovely lady visiting for Kansas City who fell in love with the show and bought Dolly on the spot, such synchronicity! Thanks Jill. Her card says "Objects d' art, Handworks , Oddities", my kind of girl! Such a treat to meet someone who has the same sensibilities. Next post will be a step by step on how I carved and built the new characters.


  1. Looks great, Steph! Will have to check out the windows at Flutter. Look forward to seeing your new carvings.

  2. Bravo! Can't wait to swing by Flutter!