Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wedding in Boise

Just back from a rustic style wedding with a fun twist

First the vows, under a willow tree by a old barn....

Beautiful flowers everywhere, mixed in with the corn stalks,....

My date.

The barn at twilight, bales of hay covered with lace to sit on out front.

Me, my mom & sisters giving each other a rub (L to R , Amy, Margo, Stephanie and Roma)

The Brides Dress converted to knickers, my niece is quite the hoop dancer, hers lit up!

A amazing performance, not your mama's hula hoop! I needed to have this on video to appreciate all the elegant and gravity defying things she can do.

Then the fire dancing hoop, then on to a big bon fire. A wonderful night in Boise.

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  1. Man, oh, man, what a fun looking wedding! And I love the bride's knickers. And who would have thought of hula hooping at a reception. Looks like it was definitely worth the trip.