Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cannibals Art Show

My very talented friends Tabor Porter and Greg Carrigan helped put on a show at this very unique gallery....Cannibals

First, some food with friends. I highly recommend Tin Shed. (PS Happy Birthday Dayna) The other fun redhead is the talented Tory

Behold one of the front windows, set up like an altar to honor Day of the Dead.

The other window is just as festive, flowers and fun.

Inside the blue door against the green wall blew us away, the art is set up nicely.

Here's a happy fellow, waiting to greet you!

Most of the art is Mixed Media .... I need to figure out how to upload more photos, I barley scratched the surface of what was there. You just need to go see it!
Here's the piece I put in the show "Our lady of the Tree" a carved panel surrounded with molding scraps.
Definitely a show to see


  1. That was a fun day I had never been to Cannibals and it is a must see in Portland. Steph your carved piece "Our lady of the tree" is fantastic I'm glad I got to see it.

  2. Great photos of the Cannibals show! And thanks for the birthday lunch at Tin Shed (who is that guy in the right hand corner? Isn't that the chap who was having lunch with MY DAUGHTER!!?!).