Monday, October 25, 2010

Day of the Dead at Guardino's

Coming Soon..... (This Thursday Oct. 28Th)!!!

Today was the hanging of art at Guardino Gallery It's always a little like Christmas, never knowing what all the artists will bring in for the show. The Challenge of putting it all together so it looks cohesive, is one of the highlights of curating. Here my found object carvings "Beloved Couple"

To start, the gallery walls are bare, my little horse is waiting to see where he'll go.....

" A little to the right". My hanging team this year, the talented Tory Brokenshire and Gloria Sowell. Both have work on display, Tory's art is that giant Santos, one of two! And Gloria's are those amazing gold encaustic pieces on top, they just glow.

Job well done, phew. Missing in this photo is Janet Julian, who is a local legend, with her "props" lol. She brought me all kinds of goodies for the front window, to make it look like little Altars. PS. She'll be preforming on opening night!!

Here's the night shot. You can see the cut wood banner I painted to match this years show card, surrounded by the traditional marigold flowers, very festive. On opening night Cynthia Mooney will help set up a Public Altar outside,with flowers and candles. All are welcome to leave a photo or note. Can't wait.
* See the show until Nov. 21st


  1. Steph working with you was a dream and it is your vision that made it all come together.It really looks GREAT!!!

  2. From the posted photos, it looks FABULOUS! You all did an awesome job and I can't wait to see it in person on Thursday night.