Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Studio Visit with Darlene Schaper

Last week Darlene Schaper did ,Portland Open Studios. Our paths have crossed for years at various art venues.

1st , the animals, how did I miss a photo of the 3 cute dogs & 2 hairless cats? You'll have to settle for the beautiful chickens, the white one is has blue claws!

Her living room was all set up. I loved the two deer heads she painted black , there's ribbon wrapping around the antlers.

Here's one of her Famous Bunnies, they wear little wax dresses, and are in various poses.

One of her displays, some ceramic tiles and some mixed media pieces. I'm so happy she's in the Guardino Gallery Show next week!


  1. That white chic is very cute. I can't wait for the show it is going to be a great one and I will love to see Darlene's work.

  2. I love seeing inside the homes and studios of other artists. Thanks for the look inside Darlene's!