Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day of The Dead @ Guardino Gallery

Can you believe its our 7th year? The 34 Artists really out did themselves, judging from the preview photos on the DOTD pdx Facebook page HERE An amazing body of work is going to come together!

This is "Dancing Dog" he's a skeleton puppet sculpture I made, from carved wood and driftwood. He is 27" long

My Solid Tupelo wood skeleton mask girl, who is on the show card sold, so I am working feverishly to make another one, who will be bigger, she is "dead bee girl", who will have some bees on a leash, and wonders why they don't fly anymore.... she measures 17" tall

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  1. If I were there I would. Looks like it would be wonderful to visit the many different altars/shrines. Thanks.