Monday, February 3, 2014

A Chair Puppet, Art Updates...& All the News that's fit to print....

 I like a good challenge. Even though time is limited, I simply couldn't resist taking a single chair and making it into a Puppet/ Doll Sculpture. All to benefit "The Chair Affair" HERE

The Chair

Deciding what parts make a good fit.
He's coming along

Tucked in his box and ready to be delivered
He measures 4'6" when laid out
His head was an old fishing float, all the other parts came from the chair, his bow-tie cut from the black leather seat.... he is wired to hang an the wall, or just sit around! You can bid on him on 4/5. Or  find out more about the Chair Affair HERE


 These two wall sculptures I made around the holidays, the noses were made with an old wooden high heel, these both sold have since sold Guardino Gallery
This is Dead Bee Girl   "Why oh why won't my bees fly? We've run out of honey, all for some honey,no fruits or blooms, I believe were all doomed". She is still @ Guardino Gallery . On the right is "Skull Mask Girl". she has sold. They are carved from solid Tupelo, with the largest measuring 17 inches

A little research , went into making a dead beeS
These little wood mosaic plaques, measure 6", for the little things show, there are still a few left 

 This couple carved from salvaged wood are works in progress for an upcoming show @ Riversea Gallery in Astoria. I have a few more new pieces that you can also find there.

  There's a whole lotta L-O-V-E, I completed 23 salvage wood signs, for Guardino's "Heart of the Matter Show". I made them last year and decided to continue on the Love and XOXO theme

One big heart made it into the show, I was smitten with the red peeling paint
  Some Toolheads were sent South for an upcoming Article. Stay Tuned!

Lots of projects are on my workbench, I'm excited to finish. My studio clean up is slowly coming along, a dedicated painting space is in my future. Thanks for stopping in. I'm gonna try and be a better blogger!


  1. Stephanie, I love what you are doing*. Your work is brilliant. The chair puppet is awesome. *(applause)

  2. As always, you have managed to create a fantastic assortment of amazing and individual personalities.Glad to see all of your photographs gathered together into a blog post, too.