Monday, June 3, 2013

The Opening, The Oregonian, Movies, Firetrucks & Parrots......

Click to see my Youtube video (1 min long)
I always dream about doing a great little film with each show staring all my art pieces...I ran out of time, not being one to be defeated...I shot them as I was packing up for the show. Turn the sound up, Let's Bungle......

So as the show was getting ready to open, we smelled smoke, the restaurant next store was burning! I called 911 and got out the hose, as the gallery filled with smoke, I thought we were not going to open. 8 firetrucks later the smoke cleared and the show went on!

The Opening.....

L-R Deborah Unger, Lisa Bledsoe, Shelly Caldwell, me

Alea Bone, & Freind

Dayna @ alleyartstudio came through with these photos of the opening, after she heard I only managed to get the firetrucks and a parrot who came . And a BIG thank you to all who did, it means a lot!
I was so surpised and greatful to have a mention in the A & E on Fri. See more HERE

The words

Some other shenanigans from this week.......

There are still a few souvenir books available for sale and photo of the show in my last post....CHEERS!

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