Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Adventures of Tree Girl / Carved Wood Curiosities

Treegirl is just about ready for her close up, she measures 5 feet. She'll have many friends in the gallery with her, 38 pieces in all!

These three have a wooden boat they like to ride in


              Some carved Wood Taxidermy made from Driftwood
His head and tail are bobble and move

"Boone" the horse has salvaged parts some, from Portland city hall
This little puppet measures 34" and is resting up

She'll be dancing for a month at the show

From an earlier photo shoot, you can see the scale of the work!

Albino Squirrel  Puppet will be perched in the window and bounce on a spring!

With Boatman at the helm , were deciding who will sit where

This large painting will add color to the wall
This branch looked so much like a hand  it needed just a bit of shaping and just the right perch

  Some Birds will fly and some have a special perches

This Dapper Fellow is 22 inched high and a favorite of mine, we went through 3 hats to find just the right one!

 Here is the Show Card before we added the title, I love it! There are 38 pieces in all
TreeGirl will be hanging around Guardino Galley starting May 30th 6-9 pm Opening Reception! until June 24


  1. these are so WONDERFUL! Love them!
    Good luck with your show, too!

  2. They are SO fantastic!!! I can't wait to meet them in person!

    1. Thanks so much! the positive feedback means so much, its always a bit scarey presenting new work!

  3. Just took my daughter to see these today. Such beautiful work.

  4. Will you be part of an Open Studios Tour any time soon?



    1. Thanks Judy, I'm out in the burbs, but am looking for a studio in town , ill let you know !