Tuesday, April 9, 2013

W.I.P. Work in Progress ..and YES a 5 ft. Naked Puppet !

Why hello there, Here is a bobble head Deer, my tail wags too! 
Here is my W.I.P. for my May 30th opening..

some paint
I start to carve Tree Girls face

Some Features

Her Face finished I cut her body from a large piece of bass wood, then chain saw power carve, chiseled and many sanding's to get her body right.
She measures 5 feet! and yes she is anatomically correct aka naked
The boat in progress, wheels are being added....
Cutting out the birds
Balancing the cat

"Boone" the horse

His head is carved from a solid piece of bass wood
I lay out some salvaged bits for the horse
A little help from Reno, setting the eyes

                  Here, Kitty Kitty                                                 Albino Squirrel's make the best friends
The show opens @ Guardino Gallery on May 30th!

          You can see the size of  the pieces with me in middle

                The Adventures of Tree girl.
   With this installation you might feel as if you’ve stumbled into a very unusual forest landscape. Inhabited by a 5ft puppet/sculpture, surrounded by many curious animals and elements….a salvage horse, bobble head deer,squirrel are just a few. Taxidermy eyes in some of the pieces lend to a peculiar touch. All the pieces are carved from different woods, which are either salvaged or collected. Wood is a bit of a mystery, with different grains, textures and ages, each presenting different challenges that can be unforgiving, but exciting to see what emerges within a block of wood.
As the work developed I decided, Tree Girl was a muse to my own adventures with wood. My style is primitive, naïve, with touches of urban, destruction and decay creeping in. I seek simplicity and escapism, in a world that is too often mass produced and violated


  1. WooooHoooo Looks GREAT~! Can't wait for the show!!!!

  2. Looks Fabulous, Steph! Don't forget...I have LOTS of branches to pick from, some with moss and cool fungi.