Sunday, July 1, 2012

Last Thursday.. in Portlandia, finally it's Summer!

Last Thursday...a Parade of Music, Shopping, Food, Art and......
(Bonus: Movie clip of the Parade at the end)
Awesome Graffiti Alert

A radish and butter snack @ The Branch
A Sign pointing the way?

A Song
A impromptu Street performance of the Rocky Horror picture show

The sword swallower was taking a break by juggling

My little pony, come to life!  He is for sale and if you hurry he could be yours! See Below to purchase

Big colorful  summer art on the GALLERY walls @ great prices here at Guardino
I did get to see these handmade beauty's, they came in 3 different styles, message me if you want more info, I have the photo's to prove this happened!
Spinning some yarn for colorful hats

The Pickle sign mentioned the price was negotiable!

This sweet little girl was selling lollipops, that were in the shapes of guns, boobs and.....

Not my size....'

My outdoor summer painting studio! See these and some new PUPPET carvings. at 1st Thursday in the Pearl in pdx. On July 5th from 4-10 pm on 13th street in front of PNCA
Finally if your still here , the little clip of the parade. 

Warning bad camera angles have been proven to cause frustration!!!

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  1. Overdue comment, but still . . . great photos. I was there that night and missed a lot of what you photographed!