Saturday, August 18, 2012

Where the Heck have I been?

Pointed my kayak North and headed to Portland

Put my boots on the ground in Victoria, BC

With our neighbors and friends L-R Dave, Steve, Candace & me

Did a little riding.
Sight seeing

Yes I Love old wood, boats especially.

 Squeezed in some antiquing for "art supplies"

 I have been showing and selling ART @ 1st Thursday in the Pearl District! Look for me Sept. 6th in front of PNCA

A view from our booth
Giving away free art!

 People watching and discovering good art is a bonus!

I sold a few paintings, including these.
I'm addicted to carving, old tools of late, these seem popular!

Finally, this Orange Guy , along with a few other pieces, were asked to try out for Portlandia !!, stayed tuned to see if they made the cut! I'm planning an overhaul of my blog, asap , to have lots more ART photos.

Lots more art news soon, promise!

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