Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stars and Stripes...and catching up

Well 2012 is off and running,,, I've been so busy on projects, so the blogging has suffered just a bit. Above is a series of hearts I just turned in for the Heart show @ Guardino Gallery

These black and white stripped ones are my favorite. Heavily carved all the way around, painted, distressed sanded with a wax coating

Like all art, it all looks better in person, hope you can see the show!!

At a New Years, Artist Date beach retreat with Dayna and Tory. One of the projects we worked on, was our word for the year on a vision board. I settled on my word "Purpose" ( the above pictured piece was gifted to me by Dayna, thank you), I have a few specific goals and decided to be more mindful and make sure the things i do have one! (a purpose that is)
I shamelessly ripped off photos from Dayna who did a splendid blog post about the fun week she invited me too, you can see it HERE !

We got to visit the wonderful Pat Wheeler who was doing a residency At Sidka


A seal carcass caught my attention

Pat's art always captivates me, shes one of my favorite instructors

I Leave you with a picture of me carving....I have another piece in a show At Mary Lou Zeek Gallery coming up in Feb. Next post will be about that.. it is amazing how Mary Lou got all of the artists to communicate and make art, using our letters as prompts.

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  1. Yay, I got to relive my week at the beach! Always fun to read what all you've been up to -- with and without me!