Monday, December 19, 2011

The Christmas Branch,.......with some holiday sprinkles

I like to decorate minimally around the holidays

A few stars here and there

This year instead of a tree cluttering up the floor. I hung a branch from the ceiling.

With just a few silver birds leaves and tinsel

Here's another view, I have more branches and rose hips collected on walks for a fresh look

Moving on.......
A pretty chandelier seen @ the nines...

We dress up very infrequently, but a work function was on our list

Where it was explained what my dh does.... finally after 32 years :o)

My sister Margo and my niece Roma came for a visit this week.
A little spread I put out for more company this weekend.

Roma showing us proper whipped cream etiquette.

We got together for a fierce craft night, using driftwood we collected

Naturally, we produced masterpieces.

Girls night with my sisters, our daughters and my mom.

Downtown Christmas trees, sparkling by night

Maggie's famous Red Chandelier, sparkling by day.

My carved wood hearts wishing you a special holiday. As we lose special people in our lives it's sweet to remember & treasure what we do have.

All good blog posts should end with a special dessert.
This beauty was served @ a PAC function

Finally the view @ the Nines looking down the marble staircase .
Long glass ornaments were lit up. Very Nice..... if your not scared of heights.

You can see more holiday decorating HERE @ PAC Blog


  1. I love your Christmas branch! And seeing your decorations. And knowing what Dave does for work. And seeing your sister and niece. And most especially, for getting to see your pretty party dress!! Merry Christmas, Steph. See you in the new year.

  2. Love your Christmas decorations! To see them in person is so delightful and I so appreciate how you make it so friendly to children and pets!! Dorothy