Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Art of Communication : 100 Artist Show

Can I trust myself to be profound?

To say something great, possibly

even inspire? I can only be myself.

An ever changing being, confident,

brash, passive and meek……

slowly unraveling like a ball of

twine. until there are only two ends,

one in your hand the other in mine,

connected by circumstance.

The space between us winding tight

as we discover what the other has

to behold.

by Stephanie Brockway
Each color coded word are poems within the poem, Read yellow, then red, etc.....

The view inside Mary Lou Zeek Gallery this month, has something for everyone. The Art of Communication, paired up 100 artists of all mediums, from around the country, with the prompt of a letter, poem word or other. Art was made. The results are spectacular.

Here are some pieces that caught my eye....paintings...

Color, I love a landscape of unexpected colors

The vintage wood and lettering make this a standout

This Doll is holding a suitcase with a replica of herself inside, judging from the bidding on this piece many people wanted her as much as I did!

This pottery piece is another standout, I need to go back and read the letter that inspired it

The three little pigs? Fun and Colorful

Lisa Kaser's painted wood piece, I love the branch coming out of the base

The details on this black and white stunner, looks to be a masterpiece in pen and ink

Elizabeth Franks is one of my wood carving hero's

Here is my artist, Thomas Rude's piece, I love his statement
( a response to the above poem I wrote him):


They say if you have enough twine you can have a ball. I didn’t have that much, but I still got wound up, or perhaps strung along, by Stephanie’s entwining lines of words, tying together some loose ends, and maybe some lost friends.

My piece of art is on the upper Right side CLICK HERE to see a bigger shot
or to Bid.
His letter to me was about him moving north some years ago, that felt like his destiny, with a song in his head...those lyrics , I painted on the panel, the "man"I cut & carved out. The boat I cut from an old fishing float.

Opening Night....Tory and Dayna also have amazing work in the show, Click their names to read about their work. The Portland Art Collective has a story HERE.
And Finally Mary Lou Zeek's Blog HERE, about the hanging of the show and opening night fun.

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