Monday, December 5, 2011

Art Shows Glistening and Bright!

Mr. Lucky one of my new Fellas ,wanted to say "Hi" and thank you
for checking in.
What a busy month we've had!

The PAC sale, at Multnomah Art Center was a rousing success.
Seeing friends old and new. Sharing my art and even selling a few pieces. I myself, got quite a few new treasures!

These are the beginnings of some new flaming hearts that had stars cut out. A sketch was done before I cut out around the shapes. They all sold out as did the birds!, but you still might be able to find one at
Mary Lou Zeek Gallery

The finished hearts spread out waiting to be inventoried.

Dayna got a nice photo of my booth!

And here's the tree that greets visitors each year as they come in, full of ornaments, all made by various members.

Some of my new characters in the carving phase, yes these are fishing floats!

And then finished, as puppets, dolls, sculpture or otherwise!

"Zippy" to the left is at said, a sweet little jewel of interior design and retail shop in Portland, an exciting development for sure, that I'll share this week! Also "Jumping Jack" has found a new home @ Guardino Gallery, until someone brings him home with them!

Finally a shot of my tree, full of little wood houses. All hand cut & painted with windows and doors. After many sandings and coats of waxes, they hang together to form a little can find some of them HERE @ Guardino Gallery.

Stay tuned for the details, on the exciting
Circus Puppet Theater News,
Right Here, This week!

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  1. Such bright, colorful, vibrant images of your art and the show. Good memories, but alas they are just that, memories.