Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's not Graffiti

Took a little break and headed to Astoria. Lots of history, antiquing and eating.

Our hotel The Cannery, was located on a pier in the Columbia river. Our faithful Garmin seemed totally unconcerned that we were under water, announcing proudly that we had arrived at our destination!

Beach combing is a must for me, if I get anywhere near the water, I search for treasure.

Faded paint and metal ,( just lost a photo of more painted wood, I was going to share), but I'm not starting my post over!

Pieces of boats, way to big to haul home, darn

Didn't see any of these, it's way to cold to swim, so we were safe!

Back at home, this week has been a blur of activities. But love running into friends wearing stripped socks.

Sharing drinking chocolate At Almas in Portland warms your soul.

And now, today. It's back to work, it's not graffiti...... but sketched out Corazon's or flaming hearts. Each one is different, hand drawn & cut, then sanded, carved, painted, stamped, burnt and waxed.

Upcoming shows, on Dec 2 and 3rd HERE and HERE

Align Center

And finally this old metal stencil seen at a museum, the cast shadow on the wall. Intriguing.


  1. LOVE the hearts, love the idea of drinking chocolate and love all this visual inspiration!

  2. A delightful feast for the eyes! Great blog post.