Saturday, October 15, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello Art Shows

Summer ended too suddenly in the Northwest, one weekend its 90, and then rain......

rain for days.

So before the forced hibernation, I got to the garden to pick the last of the tomatoes & peppers.

Cut up, then put on a pan with onions , garlic, olive oil S&P. Roasted for 1/2 hour....

Then pureed in a broth. I loosely followed Tyler Florence's recipe

but omitted the cream, substituted vegi broth, but added a dollop of cream on top, of each bowl.

The bird bath color with the moss, made a pretty palette today.

Harvesting the hydrangeas, I dry out then put in vases. It's further proof that summer has come to a close.

So every dry weekend , if even for a few hours, we get out to breathe in the fresh air, on this day, yard debris piles burning perfumed the air.

A chain around a tree caught my attention, must be careful of potential tree thief's, but probably left over from a long gone bike, the roots are stunning.

And finally.....A most interesting project, landed in my lap at just the right time. A generous facebook friend ( thanks Gary) offered me some wood pieces carved some departed woodcarvers. I'm calling this series "Unfinished Business" I finish and reimagine the work. From this head above which was a square block....

I rounded out his head, carved down his beard, gouged his eyes , then built him a folk art body, added a boat with wheels....he is getting some simple outfit and a sail for his boat before the show

There are 3 more pieces that are nearing completion, stay tuned.

Here's one of the other projects...this is one of the altars built and painted brightly in Oaxaca colors, on all sides, this will be one of the Community altars up all month, pieces of paper, pins and pens are available to leave a thought , comment or remembrance, gone but not forgotten, for this very special show. Next post on Monday will be about some more of art offerings, from the other artists. And what is need to set up an Altar, one will be glowing outside for the opening!

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