Saturday, September 24, 2011

Secret Rocks Found & Lost on the Oregon Coast

Newport Bay 9 . 21.11

The magical secret round rocks were found this past weekend! Being a lifelong hunter and gatherer, the lure of finding these perfectly round beauties was a highlight....
At a art workshop earlier this year, another artist brought in these special rocks as a possible addition to her art project, I was so captivated, she sweetly gave me one, told me that they were traded by the local Indians and finally told me vaguely where the ONLY place to find these were ....
Some of them are big enough to fit in my palm and some small like marbles.
Finding just the right bowls to display them, will be a happy project, I always pick up loose twine on the beach so sea life won't get tangled. I also got a seal bone, I however, was not allowed to bring home the beautiful bone flipper with bits of fur...something about the smell
The adventure begins, my sister Margo leads the way on a rare hot Oregon coast day.

The cliffs had lots of interesting colors, lots little rock slides, then some bigger ones kept happening. We had to keep our heads up.

My sweet mother Roma carrying a bag of drift wood, we were going to make sculptures....

Too hot for shoes!

And me, considering the merits of certain twigs

I loved how the seaweed embraced the rock and clinging to it for dear life

This seabird, at rest, so much beauty even in death.

Sweet little beach balls, thanks to mother nature.

After a day of crabbing, my sister Amy made us a 10pm Dungeness Crab feed, even though she doesn't eat it!

Wet and dry sand, an artistic achievement

Misty silhouettes & A sweet weekend adventure


  1. Great post, Steph. I love all of your photos and I sure would love to get me some round rocks!! Perhaps a trade: drinking chocolate for the secret treasure map?

  2. Looks like a very fun time at the coast, great photos! Fresh delicious, nothing better...not even chocolate cupcakes. :)

  3. Beautiful post Steph and your photos are outstanding. Tory

  4. Love the pics and your round rocks. I have been collecting for years.

  5. whered you find the stones... i found one just like it in the streets of Chicago haha