Monday, January 31, 2011

Puppet Theatre...Crackling to life

Here's a carved fellow, a work in progress. Lots more stain and depth will be added, to give him that aged patina I'm striving for. ....he started out as an old post
Here's the carving process, mark then carve, mark, then carve, to get his features just right. I'm not going for realism, just creepy clown fun.
He's layed out on the floor , as I design his torso and limbs....
Another piece I was working o this weekend, again after the carved face, I sketch out the rest of the body...It will act like a pattern that I'll trace onto wood, to cut out, then shape.
Here's some cut out pieces from found wood bits, this girl whom I call "Princess". Will be apart of the theatre performer's. In the April Show. Other characters will either be in a parade or "Side Show"
Alas I did get out of my art cave and see the light of day.

Here pictured L -R.

Are my daughter Nicole, niece Roma (visiting from Boise), my Mother, Roma (her namesake) & me. We all had the black thing going on, it apprently goes well with a grey Portland day.


  1. Nice work Stephanie. Your wood carvings are wonderous. Mister Geppetto wood be proud and Pinocchio is happy to have a new friend.

  2. I am so excited every time I see another bit to this puppet theater--I can't wait for your show!

  3. Thanks for sharing the process it's very interesting. Your eye and imagination are outstanding.

  4. I love the process of your wood carving you have photographed here Steph.
    Also the picture of the ladies in the family
    is great.
    I like how the stripes work in the picture as well.

  5. Very fun.
    BTW, the carved heart I bought from you is gracing my desk the entire month of February, then will grace my desk at home forever!