Sunday, January 16, 2011

Clean Studio Report...(finally)

A Clean Studio is a Happy Studio

I sure hope so, because I spent more time cleaning out the clutter, then I ever have.
There is a desk under there! With one deadline after the next, it was easy to let things pile up.

Another view of the "before" shot. Yikes, you could not even step inside. I took too throwing stuff in a heap! So with the encouragement, from a very special Art friend. I started......

With my " Puppet Theatre" coming up in May (gulp), I had to have a little room to move. In the midst of it , I couldn't resist stringing them up.

They really come to life when hung vertically. In the coming months I'll be building arms, legs and outfits, for their journey. The traveling troupe is still voting on a name....Stay tuned

Back to the studio. I finally hung lots of older art pieces, I've been meaning to hang for years. Most of the pieces on this wall were done by me.

Another view

Behold, my desk area...... The shelving is new, to display all the little things I collect and put up for inspiration.
The large bulletin board below, I made with a Homasote Board covered in burlap. I found the "How To" on the Apartment Therapy site HERE

While my Art Studio is hardly ready for it's close up. And doesn't have the space I want, to do large paintings . It does have high walls for display. So up, I go!


  1. Your new studio space looks fabulous! I love how you've hung the puppets -- I'm sure they feel like they've been set free and will begin whispering to you any time now.

  2. Hiya Steph,
    Love your blog. Great job in cleaning up your studio. Room to make more wonderful and whimsicle art. Again. bravo Dearheart.
    Aloha, Dennis

  3. I love your puppets! :) I am cleaning my clutter today (hopefully). I stared at it (oops, I mean planned) all day yesterday. I feel inspired after seeing you get yours together.

    I found your blog recently and we live in the same area and go to all of the same places. I loooove the Tin Shed and the artichoke sandwich. Now I will crave that all day. That, and a stop at Collage. ;)

    When is the puppet show? (grin)


  4. Steph, your studio looks great and gives me more incentive to get mine cleaned up

  5. Yay, Steph! This was very inspiring to me, as I need a major studio overhaul, too. Like all of your suggestions, and am anxious to see that puppet theater.

  6. I love looking at all your stuff I bet you do too, it looks great Steph now I need to clean mine. Damn you cleaning people.

  7. That certainly is a lively looking studio - I ought to start crafting little friends like that. Looks fun.