Monday, August 4, 2014

Villains Harpies & Sailors: Anatomy of an Art Show

  My show is opening in Astoria this Saturday @ Riversea Gallery. Here's a peek into how some of my Art pieces evolved.

I  L-O-V-E going to Astoria, a town with lots of history.It inspired me to tell a story, of the people I imagined lived there. I used and carved vintage wood items, some from the area!

I bought large pieces of salvaged Doug Fir

I cut the shapes with a band-saw, then clamp the layers to built up the thickness.

I shaped with a mini chain saw & finished with knives. Tried to find the shape for my vision, "Tattoo Sailor Arm"

 The  fist says "TRUE" if there was a right fist, it would say "STAY"  for Stay True

 I hand painted some vintage Sailor Jerry tats and the rest I just made up. A giant fish hook completes the piece. I had a metal stand welded to hold up this very heavy piece, (it measures 24w x 27h x 5d)

L-R Mr. Brain Coral, Town Girl, Mr.Ladderhead

Glass eyes are set.

 Town Girl, I carved her head, then cut and shaped old wood buildings. She measures 21h"

"Fishgirl" 16w x 14h

Auditioning pieces for the clock case
She's ready for her close up 14h"
"Harpie Case" started out as a block of wood

A old found photo.......
Becomes a painting ("Hey Sailor Boy" 20 x 20), see the evolution HERE

Both of these paintings are on old wood panels I built.  ("Sweet Painted Lady" 22 x 28 )

The old wood shovels were cut to become fish tails, the whale measures 46", the Gars 53" & 58". Old growth wood, baseball bats, antique fan blades,animal teeth & glass eyes. There was a lot angst getting these piece to seem finished. Carving a solid piece of wood would been easier, but I wanted those tails, so lots of figuring & editing ensued.
This little piece includes a broken stool, carriage wheel, a carved fish float, carved  wood horse head with glass eyes and carved wood Sailor hat. ("A Sailing We Will Go" 19 x 16 )
The bust was carved, glass eyes set &  more auditioning...
This old Clock case had many,many changes

I carved some wings out of wood to adorn the case


"Girl in the Clock" 34 x 16 Carved Bust and Wings, found heart, found coral, vintage plumb bobs,salvage bits, netting
"Salvage star" 30 x 30

 Opens this Sat with a reception from 5 -8 and a whole lot going on in Astoria with a Regatta and more, details  HERE

Hurry the show closes Sept 9, 2014

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  1. I hope your show is a huge success Stephanie! Love the fish & whale pieces... well all of them really!